Erection of

pre-engineered buildings and steel structure

is the last step in our building process that all the components from the previous steps come together.

General Rules

Erection Steps

Step 1: Prepare before erection

Check the erection equipment, and materials, including: quantity, safety, quality…

Step 2: Erect column and bracings

The intermediate or interior frames nearest the bearing endwall are usually erected first. This bay usually contains the diagonal bracing. Erect the columns first, tie them together with the sidewall girts and tighten the anchor bolts. Tie all the temporary bracings before releasing the crane load.

Step 3: Erect rafter

After the columns have been erected, the ground-assembled rafter is hoisted into place and connected to the columns. The rafters are assembled on the ground that need to install the flange braces & tighten the splice joints. The flange brace should be bolted to the rafter prior to raising in order to save time. Lift & erect the rafter assembly, ensure to tie enough guy wire ropes & tag lines.

Step 4: Install purlins and girts

Galvanized steel purlins are usually formed in shapes C, Z ... with purlins distance from 1m - 1.5m. Purlins are linked to the main steel frame to support the roof system. All purlins, girts, and eave struts are installed in the braced bay and the entire bay plumbed, aligned and braced before proceeding further. If the building is designed without cable bracing, the erector is responsible for providing temporary erection bracing.

Step 5: Calibrate the first frame

Step 6: Erect next frame

Step 7: Complete installation for the rest frame

Step 8: Erect roof monitor

Step 9: Check completion before covering

Step 10: Erect covering and finish

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